Foster me

Lily is 11, enjoys swimming, is interested in drama and enjoys going to plays. She also loves horses. We’re seeking special, understanding foster carers to help her make positive progress.

She has had a very difficult few years in Care. Initially she was placed with foster carers but she struggled to manage in a home environment.

For the last year or so she has been in a residential placement where she has made a lot of progress. Lily will need resilient carers, who can understand the reasons behind certain behaviour, and respond appropriately.

Lily has maintained her place at school through the period of difficulties she has had, and is looking forward to transferring to the local secondary school with her friends. Lily is requesting another foster family near to her school, and says she wants to have a normal family life.

Could you be Lily’s forever family? Phone us on 0800 587 9900 for a chat today.