Jul 31 2018

Animals and Fostering

We’re celebrating the animals that help with fostering   Pets can really help traumatised children to settle in and open up. Thank you for your great fostering family ...read more
Jun 25 2018

Respite Care for Alex aged 8

Meet Alex. Alex likes cars, playgrounds and playing with water. He’s a great eater and a good sleeper. Alex is a sweet little boy who is happy, contented and a joy to be arou ...read more
Jun 20 2018

Work, Life, Family and Fostering

  Meet our very busy Foster Carer Roger Smith…..   As well as being dedicated to fostering, Roger is centre manager at Angel Place in Bridgwater and coaches several ‘ ...read more
May 25 2018

What do foster carers do?

Foster Carers have been sharing snapshots from their day to day life on social media, to mark Foster Care Fortnight.   A huge thanks to our carers who snapped everything from ...read more
May 23 2018

Robyn’s story

What difference can fostering make to a teenager’s life?   My name is Robyn. I like writing stories, swimming, drawing random stuff, playing video games and playing the ...read more
May 21 2018

Why we love fostering teenagers

Amanda and Steve talk about the benefits of fostering older children and teenagers. They discuss how they shape and guide young lives with the right balance of flexibility and boun ...read more