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There are over 500 children and young people in care across Somerset.


We need foster carers for children of all ages, from babies to 18.

We particularly need foster carers for long term placements. This is where foster carers offer a home to a child or children, who are unlikely to return to their family and need a permanent family to grow up in.

We also need more foster carers for older children, teenagers and children with disabilities.


Why do children come into care?

Children come in to care for a variety of reasons, it could be because of family illness, a family crisis or because they are at risk of abuse or neglect.

The aim is to return the child to the birth family if it’s safe to do so. This could take a matter of days, months or years.

Those who cannot return home will be considered for long-term fostering.

Vulnerable children may not have had the same chances as other children, largely due to neglect or abuse.

They may be behind their peers in terms of emotional, educational and social development.

Some children have specific learning and physical disabilities or health problems.

A foster carer is someone who encourages children to fulfil their potential and nurtures them with love and patience.

We provide comprehensive training, while you are completing your assessment and an on-going programme of training and support.

This helps you improve your skills and understanding.


Profiles of children

See below stories of some of the children.

Please note: the names of the children may have been changed to protect their identity and stock images may have been used. Some of the children may have gone on to be adopted or placed with permanent foster carers, but these profiles should give you an idea of the kinds of children that need families.