Released On 7th Apr 2018

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Autumn Cookery Fun

One of the most rewarding things about being a foster carer is the huge difference it makes to a child’s life

This is the diary of one of our lovely foster carers Paula and some of the activities her foster child gets to do for the first time…..

Saturday afternoon autumnal activity blackberry picking. Many of our children have not had the chance to do simple things such as a country walk, it’s great for outdoor learning as our children’s minds are often too busy to learn in school; they have many worries other children don’t. Great questions were asked today: “why are there so many spider webs near the blackberries”? Because the spiders know flies like the blackberries so they can catch them for their dinner! “Why are some berries green? Why are there prickles? I wonder how my family is?” All questions are answered kindly and honestly.

Earlier in the week our neighbour had said “help yourself” to apples, so we did. You ll need a ladder they said. “No I’ll climb the tree and pick the apples said the child”, it built  confidence in a child who previously did not like heights. Being part of a community is very important.

Preparing the blackberries and apples, essential life skills, peeling, chopping cooking all under guidance. Foster carers all over help children learn every days skills that will be needed into adulthood.

Making the crumble, measuring out using maths, following instructions. Amazing one-to-one time with a child, slowly building the bonds of attachment that will help them to become resilient people. Making mistakes in the mixing but using failure as a positive to have another go, with no fear or anger.

We made three crumbles!

My foster child said we had to make one for the neighbour as they let us have the apples. Great sharing from her and pride at taking it over saying: ” Here is your pudding”!

The proof is in the eating, the child serving the crumble they had made from scratch using fruit they had picked. Big smiles all round with everyone agreeing it was lovely. Another brick in the self esteem wall firmly put in place. It’s amazing how a simple activity such as cooking can provide so many positives for both carer and child

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