Asylum Seeking Children

What is an asylum seeking child?

An asylum-seeking child is a child who’s been brought to the UK from their home country to seek refuge. This could be from war, terrorism, persecution or poverty. These children have often experienced trauma and may know little to no English. Foster carers are needed to provide these children with safety, warmth and stability, as they adapt to life in the UK.  

What is the role of the foster carer?

A foster carer looking after an asylum-seeking child will need be caring, patient and understanding of the child’s circumstances. These children have complicated pasts, and you may never know exactly what forced them into refuge. Although these children are unaccompanied, many of them would have come from caring family backgrounds that the hostilities of their circumstance forced them to leave. Fostering is a way for these children to be re-introduced to a family home, without the dangers that existed in their native country.

Fleeing from a country where they were in constant danger, these children will likely have experienced trauma. They also will need support to cope with the psychological effects of losing contact with their family, friends and culture. Fostering In Somerset will provide carers with specialist training, so that they are prepared and confident to give these children the extra support they need. Part of this training will include learning about the child’s culture, to best understand the context in which they used to live.

The role of the foster carer can be diverse. Part of the care could be introducing children to English food and language for the first time in their lives, and helping them adjust to a new country. Foster carers may also need to help in the child’s application to stay in the UK or assist in the process to return them to their home country. A multi-faceted care approach is needed to ensure these children get the fairest chance possible.



Foster carers receive two weekly payments - a fee, and an age-related allowance. 

A weekly allowance payment is made for every foster child who is living with the foster carer, to cover the costs of food, clothing, pocket money, bills and activities. The allowance varies depending on the age of the foster child. 

Foster carers are also paid a weekly fee, which is paid in addition to the allowance received for the child.

The standard weekly allowance paid to foster carers, for each child in their care, is:

Age range                                Weekly payment

0-4                                             £154.69

5-10                                           £176.20

11-15                                         £219.46

16+                                            £266.85


For Asylum seeking children fostering the weekly fees paid to foster carers are:

£79.33 fee per week, for the 1st child in placement (living with you in your home)

£106.11 fee per week, for 2nd and 3rd child in placement (living with you in your home)


Who can be a foster carer for an asylum-seeking child?

Compassion, determination, flexibility and understanding are some of the key skills needed from our foster carers. Fostering In Somerset will provide all carers with essential training and continual support, but a strong desire to help a child escaping crisis is essential.

Being a foster carer for an asylum-seeking child may be particularly suited you if:

  • You have experience working with refugees
  • You speak a second language
  • You have previous childcare experience
  • You have previous fostering experience

To find out more about this role, contact our friendly team by clicking here.


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