Remand Fostering

What is remand fostering?

Remand fostering is providing temporary care for a young person who is awaiting court proceedings. The foster carer will work closely with the young person and with youth justice officials to provide a safe and supportive environment for the young person to learn, reflect and prepare for the upcoming proceedings.

What is the role of a remand foster carer?

Remand foster care is an alternative to being in custody, a setting which has been shown to increase likelihood of re-offending. The foster carer’s role is to provide non-judgemental care, guidance and support for the young person so that they are better prepared for the next stage of their lives.

Often, the young person will enter remand foster care with very short notice. It is therefore important that carers are flexible and understanding in their approach. In some instances, the young person and the carer may have the placement planned. These situations, such as reintroducing a young person back into a community after an involvement with the courts, involve prior meetings with the foster carer and the young person to establish a relationship.

The role of a remand foster carer involves supporting the young person throughout their remaining court proceedings. This could involve meetings with parole officers, solicitors, and ensuring they attend all compulsory meetings. Sometimes, formal progress reports are required by the foster carer to track and inform the courts of the young person’s progress.

Who can be a remand foster carer?

To be a remand foster carer you will need to be understanding, compassionate and non-judgemental of the young persons circumstances. Carers will also need to be highly flexible to accommodate a young person at short notice.

No formal experience is required to become a remand foster carer, Fostering In Somerset will provide you with all necessary training so you are best equipped to be a catalyst for change in the lives of young people.

You may be particularly suited to remand fostering if:

  • You have experience in youthwork, teaching or law enforcement
  • You have previous fostering experience
  • You are passionate about being a positive influence in a young person's life

We welcome applications from people from all backgrounds and cultures. Your own life experiences can often create a good foundation for mutual understanding; being able to draw lessons from your own past might better help the young person identify mistakes and opportunities for growth.

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