Released On 26th Apr 2018

Fostering made me who I am today

Adrian Hill Lives in Frome and is Account Manager/Editor for ‘Mendip Living’. He tells his fostering story:

How was your experience of being fostered?

Overall it was great. I had a brilliant social worker who would come to see me, and on occasion take me out for an afternoon.

I was very well cared for. I have a very fond memory of being bought a Kit Kat and a mug of tea. I stuck the chocolate wrapper around the Mug… 40 years later I always smile, when asked why I drink tea from a Kit Kat Mug.

What is your relationship like with your foster family?

My foster parents were and are still are brilliant!

Today I see them as my mum and dad, who are full of fun and laughter.

They have two daughters, who I will always see as my two brilliant sisters.

We all get together most weekends, with a fantastic bond created some 40 years ago.

What difference do you feel it made to your life and achieving your potential?

Without doubt, my foster parents made me who I am.

They gave me an attitude of: ‘If you want something in life, then you have to work for it’.

I took it on board and did a paper round in the winter to earn more pocket money, cold dark mornings delivering 50 papers a week..

They also taught me: ‘Have respect for what you have’. That attitude has got me where I am today.

What would you say to anything thinking of fostering?

Simply pick up the phone and call!

The satisfaction of giving a child a second chance to feel loved is the biggest reward Anyone could do it – it doesn’t matter whether you’re single, renting instead of a homeowner, LGBT, it’s what you can offer a child that counts.

All I wanted was to feel accepted and part of a family. I was given that and you could offer the same chance to a child in Somerset now.

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