Released On 27th Apr 2018

LGBT Fostering & Adoption Week – Caroline and Liz’s Story

Caroline and her wife Liz have been fostering for over a year now, they shared their story for LGBT Fostering and Adoption Week

Why did you decide to foster?

We went along to a fostering information evening and following that, we decided that we wanted to give a child a safe and loving home.
We also really wanted to give back to our community, as we have been so very lucky in our lives.

How did you find the assessment process?

The assessment process was quite lengthy and very detailed, with lots of paperwork to complete – the DBS checks seemed to take forever. However, this process was explained to us at the outset and we realised how crucial the vetting was, as we would be safeguarding young lives.
The support during the assessment stage was amazing and our social worker was excellent – keeping us informed at every stage and walking us through the process.

How did the process compare to your expectations?

We received an information pack explaining each of the fostering steps and what to expect at each stage, so we weren’t surprised by anything.
The longest bit was close to the end – it took five weeks for ratification approval which was longer than we expected.
It’s so worth it now though!

What do you find most rewarding and challenging about fostering?

The biggest rewards are knowing we are keeping someone safe and when we hear them giggle or see a smile it just makes our heart flutter.

It can be full on, making sure we are available for all the various meetings and appointments that we need to participate in, to best support the child in our care. We have to make sure we keep on track with our portfolio for the minimum fostering standards, which each foster carer has to complete within the first 12 months of fostering.

What would you say to anyone considering fostering?

For anyone thinking of fostering – do it. You will find it challenging at times, but so rewarding and worthwhile.
We still go: “wow we are foster carers!” and always have a big smile on our faces!

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