Released On 10th Nov 2018

Respite Care for Alex aged 8

Meet Alex.

Alex likes cars, playgrounds and playing with water. He’s a great eater and a good sleeper.

Alex is a sweet little boy who is happy, contented and a joy to be around.

Alex has particular physical and severe learning difficulties so his family need a little extra help occasionally.

In a few months time, 8 year old Alex’s respite carer has to retire. Could you take over as his short break carer?


Short Break Care

This is a specialist service for children with disabilities. They could have a learning disability, a physical or sensory disability, significant health care needs or a combination of these.

Most are cared for on a respite basis for short periods of time, such as one weekend per month and one evening per week. The aim of this service is to broaden the social lives and experience of these young people. This scheme appeals to people with experience of disability who have limited time to give but who want to make a real difference to the life of a disabled child or young person. Long term relationships are often forged between short break carers, the child or young person and their birth family.

A payment is made for the periods of time the child spends with their foster carer. More details are available on the Allowances and Fees page of this pack. More details are available on the ‘Allowances and Fees’ page regarding payment structure for short break carers.

Get in touch if ‘Short Break Foster caring’ is something you’d be interested in.

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